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Thinking Through the Basics of a Real Estate Transaction

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Real Estate Law

Every type of real estate transaction in Florida can come with unique challenges to overcome. If, for example, you are dealing with a residential real estate transaction – as a buyer or seller – there may be issues with easements, liens, title problems or even prolonged negotiations over the purchase agreement. In commercial real estate transactions, zoning may be of particular interest, or maybe even plans to build or modify structures or lease the property.

When contemplating a real estate transaction, it is oftentimes best to start with the basics. For starters, any transfer of real estate – almost universally – must be in writing. This is usually done through a “deed” – the document that describes the actual transaction that is occurring and what ownership rights, exactly, are being transferred, and to whom.

And, when it is all completed, the transfer must be recorded with the county recorder’s office. There is often a fee associated with such a filing. Legal descriptions are usually part of any given real estate transaction as well, which may mean that surveyors need to be engaged to depict and describe the real estate in question in an exhibit that is attached to the deed.

Where will you start?

In the end, the unique complications you face in a real estate transaction will typically go beyond the basics. But, if you have a good grasp of where to start, you will likely have a better idea of where the transaction needs to end. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help our clients who are working through real estate transactions in Florida, please visit the real estate law overview section of our website.