Committed To A Streamlined, Lower-Stress Client Experience


“Jeff is an attorney that applies a brilliant calm logic to to chaotic and seemingly confusing matters. He is easy going and not one to take advantage of a client. Most importantly, he seeks to create fast results instead of prolonging matters which can drive up fees. Over the past 15 years working with Jeff he has exhibited a level of integrity and honesty I have not experienced with most other attorneys I have dealt with. It has been a true blessing to have Jeff on my side as a business advisor, attorney, and advocate.”

– Joel Cantor, Real Estate Developer

“Jeff Aman is a wonderful real estate attorney and a man of integrity. I am happy to recommend him to others.”

– Pam Winchester, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Focus Real Estate Services

“Jeff Aman stands for integrity and competence. You can trust what he says and know that he will accomplish what he sets out to do and do it well and in a timely fashion. His location is welcoming and easy to find. I strongly recommend Jeff for any legal need you may have. He is a man of his word and experienced in so many areas of law that you will take comfort in knowing and be proud to tell anyone that he is your attorney.”

– Steve Overton, CFP, Financial Advisor, Englund & Overton, LLC

“Jeff Aman is a highly experienced lawyer who provides a professional and friendly working environment. I would recommend him to any friend or acquaintance with the need for the very best lawyer in his field.”

– Wade Raulerson, Owner, MHD Communications

“Jeff Aman is an exceptionally skilled attorney. He is equally at home in a courtroom as well as in the office; he can litigate in court just as well as he can draft a complex lease, appeal, or other legal document. His versatility and experience allow him to provide excellent advice and service to his clients. Jeff is also a warm, funny, and approachable man with impeccable morals and beliefs.”

– Joe Bodiford, Criminal Defense Attorney